Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Our MDF Board is made by fusing rubber wood with acacia wood under pressure and heat.

We supply standard material MDF board (E2), high moisture resistance material MDF Board (HMR) and melamine MDF pannels.

Medium Density Fibreboard is suitable for furnitures or decorative objects because the smooth surface is perfect for painting and its durability allows it to be molded to many shapes and sizes.

With our high moisture resistance MDF, it is the best material choice for kitchen counter top because standard MDF board cannot be in contact with water as it will cause swelling and small bumps on the surface

It has to be handled carefully because the inner layers of a MDF Board is soft and easy to be crush unlike its surface which is harder than most stand wood products.

MDF vs Particle Board

MDF Board and Particle Board are very similar but their specifications are very different.

Medium Density Fibreboard is preferred as furniture material choice like high end furniture designs, shelves and cabinets because particle board is difficult to be mold to shape and tends to crush and break easily.

Thus, MDF Board is used for more highly standard products because it can withstand better and would not crack easily under high pressure

In price aspect, MDF Board are more expensive compare to particle board. This is because a MDF Board is much more denser, more durable and can be shaped to a more complicated designs.

MDF Board Specifications

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