Hybrid Magnesium Oxide Board (MGO)

What is Hybrid MGO?

Hybrid MGO Board main unique material is based on high quality inorganic non-combustible materials which are from mineral resources, magnesium oxide, and marine chemical products.

It reinforced by E-glass fiber, combination of lightweight refractory fillers and chemical additives, and manufacturing the product with the most advanced productive technology.

Our MGO Board can be cut using only a knife cutter itself and are more user friendly and cost cheaper than cement board.

It contained all the ability of the timber and wood panel yet worries free of fire, water and termite resistant, acid and alkali free in our board.

Furthermore, our product doesn't contain any harmful and radioactive elements such as asbestos and silica.

It's a new eco-friendly fire-resistant decorative material product.

Along with the constantly improvement of its superiority, non-combustible fireproof board will replace other type of boards and become the most popular decorative material product in the market soon.

Due to unique characterizes on chemical composition of Hybrid MGO Board, it can be widely apply to different field especially towards the large scale of shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, entertainment venues, vehicles and ships, residential ceiling, wall decoration and so on.

Desired to beautify the environment, protect the limited natural resources, it comes with precaution too.

Hybrid MGO Board is a material to prevent mold and fire protection.

It had been widely applied to various building by numerous designers and construction technicians especially for the partitions, ceiling, fire doors, kitchen and cabinet along with other interior decoration.

Magnesium Oxide Board Features

mgo board environmental friendly

Environmental Friendly

This material is formed by natural resources, such as inorganic substance, plant fiber, etc. Its radioactivity is much lower than the national standard, meeting national request of environmental protection, and it is the new product that is encouraged by state policy.

mgo board water resistant

Water Resistant

The core material of Hybrid MGO Board is inorganic containing rare earth and its bending strength will not alter when exposed to wet environments. Board corrosion and growth of mildew is thus prevented. Applicable for outdoor environments and restrooms.

mgo board termite resistant

Termite Resistant

Hybrid MGO Board contains inorganic material that prevents corrosion in damp environments. Thus, eliminates the breeding of termites.

mgo board zero formaldehyde

Zero Formaldehyde

It is formaldehyde free, suitable for food production workshops, hospital operating rooms and manufacturing industries.

mgo board fire resistant

Fire Resistant

Hybrid MGO Board is asbestos free and do not contain harmful substances and radioactive elements. Made from non-combustible material, non hazardous. Widely used in the residential, commercial, medical and entertainment industries.

mgo board sound insulation

Sound Insulation

The effect of sound insulation that a 95mm thickness soundproof wall is equaled to the 123mm wall which is constructed by 12mm thickness Hybrid MGO Board, and this is equivalent to the effect that a 150mm thickness ordinary solid brick wall has.

Hybrid MGO Characteristics Comparison with Similar Materials

Gypsum Board Fiber Cement Board (Calcium Silicate Board) Hyrbid MGO Board
The thickness 15mm with fireproof performance only fulfill the requirement of B1 grade. Can only provide board with thickness above 5mm. (difficult to process and high construction cost.) 3mm thickness fullfill the requirement of fire prevention already.
Its hydroscopic is heavy; it is apt to out of shape. Coefficient of expansion is about 8/10000; rate of absorbing-water rate is 35%. Able to bear the damp environment, shape, deformation, anti halogen.
The board is taken as rigidity, and unable to do the modeling crookedly. The board is rigid and unable to do various types of model. Able to stick, cut, nail, glue, paint, saw, plane and cutting by using art designing knife, it is extremely convenient to construct.
Secondary processing is difficult, superficial lamination is not good, decorated layer is unable to paste. General construction way only being taken, difficult to be constructed with two times and covered on the surface. The product is strong and has good flexural and tensile strength it can use to make various types of model crookedly
It is heavy and strenuous to carry; damaged rate is high. Weight is relatively heavy, it is strenuous to carry, and the damage rate is high. Could allocate with various types of panels, make up skins or log skins to engaged in secondary processing.
Low intensity, poor to bear climate, afraid of being collided, afraid of water and damp, and out of shape seriously when being stained by water. Mostly are desulfurization gypsum in the market, and this is a hazard to a human health. Contain asbestos in most products. Easy to carry

Products data

  • Material: magnesium oxide
  • Fireproof characteristic: A grade not combustible
  • Density: 1000/cm3 (GB/T7019 - 1997)
  • Bending strength: 18Map (JC688)
  • Water permeability: there is no drop of water to emerge in the back (CNS 13778)
  • Sound insulation: >44dB (GBJ121-88)
  • Keep warm & insulate against heat.
  • Security: 100% does not include the asbestos, formaldehyde and benzene.
  • Termite resistant
  • Fungus resistant

MGO Board Size and Specifications

  • Dimension: 915mm x 1830mm / 2135mm, 1220mm x 2440mm
  • Thickness: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm

Compliance Standards

  • GB 8624-2006
  • GB8624-2012
  • GB/7 20285-2006
  • MG S04

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