Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood, often called “flexiply” or “bending plywood” is a high quality bendable sheet material.

It is a lightweight moisture resistant plywood that is composed of multiple thin plies layers which can be bend to rounded shapes, curves and bends without needing water or heat-forming.

Flexible plywood is a very flexible plywood that it can be bent and rolled into any shape without cracking or split apart.

Hugely recommended by architects and designers, flexible plywood / flexiply are often used especially when producing modern furniture with high complexity concept.

Flexible plywood benefits include:

  • Panels can be laid flat with veneers or laminate before bending
  • Excellent seam hiding qualities
  • Ready to paint or stain
  • Suitable for many applications including columns, counter fronts, wavy walls, ceilings, stage and film sets

Flexible Plywood Specifications

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