Best Quality Plywood Supplier Company

Board Ply Trading Sdn Bhd has ventured in the wood supplier business for over 10 years in Malaysia and is also the biggest MGO Board supplier in Malaysia.

Our wood supply delivers mainly to KL and Selangor but covers the entire map of Malaysia too.

We promised the best quality supply of wood products like plywood, mgo board, chipboard, mdf board, and laminated plywood.

One of Board Ply’s best portfolio is that we supply wood products to the biggest door manufacturer to make fire resistance door.

We are trusted for our effeciency and quality by our clientele from all kind of fields like renovations, furnitures manufacturer, constructions, hardware shops, architectures, interior designers, developers and more.

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Customer Satisfaction, Our Priority

In Board Ply, customer is our priority!

Our mission is to solve our customer’s problem and we have a team of highly capable staffs.

We always attend our customer service request and gives feedback as soon as possible to ensure efficency.

Delivery service issues will not occur as our company ensure to always have enough wood sheets stocks in our factory.

Once you are our customer, we will provide the best maintenance for your business and promise that the wood products of your choice will always be ready and up for delivery without problem.

  • ceo of board ply
    I am proud to say that Board Ply Trading Sdn Bhd is making a huge impact in the plywood business. We provide only the highest quality HPL Laminated Board with multiple features that suits your needs. With our new product, the Hybrid MGO Board, which have eco-friendly features that are suitable for plenty of environments, I truly believe that we can expand our reputation as being one of the best plywood supplier in Malaysia.
    Yip Chan Fai (CEO)