High Pressure Laminate Board (HPL)

Our Hybrid High Pressure Laminate Board (HPL) is made of three cellulose layers (overlay paper, decorative paper, kraft paper) and combined under high temperature and pressure.

Board Ply Trading only supply high quality HPL Board from various well known manufacturers in Malaysia such as FORMICA, MAICA, LAMITAK and more.

Our HPL Board can be use in wide range of fields like interior design, architecture and many more.

The reason our HPL is called Hybrid HPL Board are thanks to its special features that makes it applicable to apply on any of our other wood products like Standard Plywood, Chipboard, MDF Board, and Hybrid MGO Board.

We have 10 unique high pressure laminate choices from solid to exotic colors and could apply on standard plywood, mdf board, chipboard, and hybrid mgo board.

Hybrid HPL Board Features

Environmental Friendly

A green product with zero radioactive elements, it does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances. Its heat resistance characteristics enables the HPL board to retain its stability and prevents emission of harmful gasses when in contact with high temperature.

Pollution Resistant

The product surface is non-toxic and safe to be used in the food and beverage industries. Gaps in the product is non-existent, hence prevents bacteria growth and also able to maintain its ability in an environment where alkaline, acidity, iodine tincture or blood exist. The high level of density in the board prevents permeation of dirt and detergent can be safely applied to clean the surface with minimum hassle.

Damp Proof

The core material is inorganic containing rear earth and its bending strength will not alter when exposed to wet environments. Board corrosion and growth of mildew is thus prevented.

Fire Resistant

Made from non-combustible material, it is non hazardous and widely used in the residential, commercial, medical and entertainment industries.

High Bending Strength and Impact Resistance

The bending strength of 5mm board can reach to 30MPA. It is impact resistance on high density surface.

Low Maintenance

Require low maintenance cost and has a long life. Installation and processing time is reduced which converts to time saving..

Variation of Decorative Effect

Choice of patterns, colours and style are available to create a unique, elegant and tasteful decorative effect. Customisation of sizes are acceptable according to client’s requirements.

high pressure laminate product 2
high pressure laminate product 3
high pressure laminate product 7
high pressure laminate product 4
high pressure laminate product 9
high pressure laminate product 10
high pressure laminate product 1
high pressure laminate product 8
high pressure laminate product 5
high pressure laminate product 6

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